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10 March 2011 @ 07:53 pm
Siglen looking for Clamp characters!  


the city that never sleeps alone

Whenever you go through any constructed opening -- a door, a window, the top of a barrel -- you are traveling through a portal. And whenever you travel through a portal, you have a very small, really less than miniscule chance --

-- of coming out in Siglen.

When you emerge on the street, someone finds you. They smile understandingly and give you directions to where you need to go. They're kind and stubborn people, the natives of Siglen, and they will get you there.

And when you make your way to the Reception Bureau, they smile understandingly, and explain to you how you came to be here. They equip you with a device to help you get around; manuals explaining the device and booklets explaining this unique city; a change of clothes, a kit of necessities, a place to stay, even a job.

Then they say, "By the way. About the miasma..."
Siglen is a panfandom roleplaying game, with adult themes, for adult players. This game is planned to start 3/20, so feel free to put in reserves or apps now!
Setting × Miasma × Passport × FAQ
Taken × Apps × Reserves × Mod Contact

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