Door to Siglen ::(MODS):: (siglen_mods) wrote in roleplay_clamp,
Door to Siglen ::(MODS)::

Door to Siglen: an adult panfandom RP

Whenever you go through any constructed opening -- a door, a window, the top of a barrel -- you are traveling through a portal. And whenever you travel through a portal, you have a very small, really less than miniscule chance --

-- of coming out in Siglen, a city where the people are kind and understanding, the food is rich and delicious, and sex is literally as natural as breathing. Won't you come and stay a while?


Premise × Setting × Miasma × Passport × FAQ × Taken × Apps × Reserves × Mod Contact

Door to Siglen is a panfandom roleplaying game, with adult themes, for adult players. This game is planned to start 10/22, and we'd love some CLAMP characters, so feel free to put in reserves or apps now!
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