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leave no path untaken。

4th wall event at discedo!

hi everyone! i'm here again ;; to pimp out discedo's upcoming 4th wall event! it'll be from may 16th through the 17th and i'd really, REALLY love to see some CLAMP invasion happening! we have a fantastic TRC set, yuuko from xxxholic (whom i think would be in the market to sacrifice a few limbs for some canonmates!), kobato, ccs!sakura, suu from clover, subaru from tokyo babylon, sorata and yuuto from x/1999, and hikaru and umi from rayearth!

i'm totally biased as umi's player -- i'd love to see a bunch of rayearth characters particularly! (last time kind of blew me away with amazingness, so fdhgfd *_* yeah) BUT. i'd love to see everyone else get poked by some canonmates too! (you never know, sacrificing of arms, legs and/or firstborn children could totally happen for this) and of course, random trolling is always a+ and amazing and welcome and oh hell just bother all of them xD it's also good if you want to test out playing in the game. i'd say enabling will happen except that i'm really horrendously bad at that SO. yeah. you're totally safe from enabling orz

ANYWAY. you can find the taken characters pages: here, here, and here. the event will start on the 16th and any posts made either then or on the 17th are fair game.

info on the event itself can be found right over here.

hopefully i'll see you there! thanks for looking ♥
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